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Hello and welcome to my page. My name is Larry Ferreira and I am an intuitive Reiki Master Teacher, and now a Certified Atlantean Quantum Healer. From a very early age I became aware of my psychic abilities although I didn’t understand how or why I “knew” certain things. I would sometimes have dreams about situations or people and would be surprised afterwards how amazingly accurate they were. But I brushed them off as mere coincidence as I wasn’t a believer in anything metaphysical. It wasn’t until I received my Reiki I certification that my abilities began to fully open up and I understood for the first time what it all meant. I continued studing and practicing until I attained my current level; that of Reiki Master teacher. I’ve taught Reiki to several people and my eldest son is now a Reiki Master through me. His gifts and abilities have opened up as well.

How my Reiki journey began.

Terrible fall, cracked a rib and injured my shoulder.

My Reiki experience began about 6 years ago. I had a terrible fall in my basement and cracked a rib and injured my shoulder. I was in severe pain and rushed to the hospital. The hospital staff seemed more intent on caring for my rib than my shoulder, and brushed off that injury as simply a bruise. They couldn’t do much for my rib either as ribs are not strapped anymore. My rib healed in about 6 six weeks but the pain in my shoulder persisted, plus I had loss of motion and could not raise my arm up past my shoulder. A return visit to my doctor only warranted him recommending physical therapy.

No improvement with Physical Therapy.

I started physical therapy and attended faithfully for many weeks; but saw no improvement. I had electric shock treatments, range of motion exercises etc. All were painful and didn’t help.
I attended a child’s birthday party, and had a chance meeting with a woman there who was discussing Reiki. The other women were talking about other spiritual things such as Tarot, Chakras, Spirits, etc. I thought they were all crazy. No disrespect to them, I just didn’t believe in anything such as this. Then I had my first Reiki experience.
One of the women there said to me, “Why don’t you let_____do Reiki on your shoulder? “Ray what?” I said. They laughed. I said “sure, why not! Does it hurt? Because I’m in a lot of pain and can’t take any more.” The woman said “not at all.”

I let her perform Reiki on me. She asked me to relax, and breathe deeply. I was sitting in a chair. She didn’t touch me at all. Her hands hovered over my shoulder. Now I was a skeptic mind you, but suddenly I could feel a warmth and a tingling entering my shoulder. It made me jump. She continued for just a few minutes. Then asked how I felt. For the first time in months, I was able to raise my arm over my shoulder. I was astonished! I asked her about it, and asked what it was called again?

Amazing progress with my physical therapy after Reiki.

Anyway, I went back to physical therapy the following week and could do all their colored elastic stretch bands. They too, were amazed with my “progress.” I was discharged.
The weeks that followed had me thinking a lot about what had happened to me. I only wished that I could help people too in this way. I contacted the woman and told her about my release from PT, and she was thrilled but not surprised she said. I forgot about it as time went on, then about 6 years ago, I started getting interested in Tarot readings as I was having some personal problems and was seeking answers any way I could. In one of my readings, the Tarot reader said that I was a healer. My eyes widened! I told her about my experience several years earlier and told her that, that was something that I wish I could do. Turns out she was also a Reiki Master Teacher. I begged her to teach me. As she had other clients at the time, we set up another appointment to discuss this further.

My spiritual journey began.

Eventually I began studying Reiki and achieved Level 1. It changed my life completely. I started on my spiritual journey, meditating daily, talking openly about Reiki and offering to give Reiki treatments to anyone who wanted one.I developed a thirst for all things spiritual and knew I had to go further. I contacted my teacher again and told her I wanted to go all the way to Master Teacher level. With each successive Level; 2 then 3 Master Teacher, I developed more and more. I became more intuitive, and began to take on Mediumship qualities as well.

Comments from my clients.

My clients would see colors; communicate with deceased relatives, cry, and experience emotional as well as physical relief. I learned to trust (not always easy) my inner voice, and I would begin to mention names or describe people or places to them that I had no prior knowledge of. Most would say, through their tears, “How are you doing this?” I would simply say and remind them that it was not I, but the power of Reiki at work through me, that I was only a catalyst. Some would remark about how hot my hands were, sometimes I wouldn’t even need to place my hands on them. All experiences were for their own healing. Often I would have no recollection or limited recollection of what I had told them in a Reiki session. I had to keep a journal.

One woman had suffered for years with hip joint pain. After treatment, she instantly walked up and down the stairs with ease and pain free. The pain did return a few weeks later and she asked to see me again, which I did, and I also took a handkerchief and ran my hands through it a few times to Reiki charge it. I gave it to her and told her to place it on herself should she feel any discomfort. She called me for more treatments but I had to inform her that I wouldn’t be able to get to her for at least a week. I reminded her about the handkerchief. I received an email from her telling me that the pain disappeared when she used the handkerchief.

More about Larry Ferreira

Musician – Composer/Vocalist/Guitarist/Bassist· 1968 to present
Masters Degree-Counseling Psychology @ Cambridge College
Usui Reiki Master/Teacher
Atlantean Quantum Healing Practitioner

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