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Reiki is our God given life force energy
I cannot say enough about my Reiki experiences. Reiki is our God given life force energy that heals deep into our mind, body, spirit, and auric rim. Through my experiences with Reiki, I have met my spirit guides, animal guides, Ascended Masters and Reiki guides. I have been used to connect people with deceased relatives and friends, described people and places to them, and even names have come through during a Reiki session. I have been a Reiki Master Teacher for almost 7 years now.

NEW! I am now a Certified Atlantean Quantum Healing Practitioner. This modality is similiar to Reiki but is different at the same time. It was inspired by channeled Atlantean ancestors. It has been highly successful and usually doesn’t require any follow up treatments. It is also non invasive, and can be used concurrently with Reiki or separately, and the results are almost instantanious. Email me for more information.

And the best thing is,  is that all of this, isn’t me at all! It is the universal life  force energy that does all the work. I am merely a vessel, and I send it where it’s needed most.  If you’d like to try something new, contact me or book a session now!

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